Welcome to Silvertip, your locally owned and operated plumbing, heating and water services company in Grande Prairie, AB.

At Silvertip, our goal is to provide quality technicians and expert advice on your plumbing and heating needs. From installing new pieces of equipment to handling common commercial and residential concerns, our professional team is here to fix your plumbing and heating issues and provide long-lasting solutions.

We also strive to enhance your overall wellbeing with the best in water treatment systems so you can enjoy the benefits of pure and healthy water. Silvertip is the exclusive Kinetico dealer for Grande Prairie and the Peace Region. Kinetico provides the cleanest, greenest and most efficient water systems and we’re proud to be your local vendor.

If you have a plumbing or heating issue, or if would like to see how a high-quality Kinetico water system can make a difference in your life, call for a consultation today.

We look forward to treating you!

Having Water Problems?

Chlorine Taste or Smell

Cloudy Water

A variety of factors can affect how water tastes, smells and feels. To ensure you receive an option most suited to your needs, we test your water before recommending how to best treat it.

All Common Water Problems

How Will Clean Water Benefit Me?

Water Softeners

  • Saves on Hot Water Fuel Bills
  • Washing Machines Last Longer
  • Dishwashers Last Longer
  • Skin Feels Softer

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Food and Drinks Taste Better
  • No Lugging Bottled Water
  • Removes Most Carpet Stains


  • Better for Skin and Hair
  • Helps Laundry Not Fade
  • Removes Chlorine From Whole Home
  • Better for Seals and Appliances


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Happy Customers

  • Ben was very friendly and explained what he was doing to the furnace. I would definitely call Silvertip again.
    Darlene P.
  • Excellent communication, friendly service.
    Ryan H.
  • As usual, they arrive on time and are willing and able to answer any questions asked during their visit. It's great appreciated how they text ahead of the appointment as to when they'll be there, along with a name and picture of the technician.
    Denny F.
  • Professional service.
    Dennis F.
  • Kevin is a smart, hard working technician and was a pleasure to deal with.
    Dustin R.
  • Silvertip Plumbing is a great company! The technicians are very knowledgeable and really do care about the work they perform.
    Normie J.
  • Fast, friendly, clean service. Highly recommend!
    Kerry P.
  • Everybody I deal with was pleasant and knowledgeable. The work was completed on time and without issue.
    Mark M.
  • Always great service!
    Maria K.
  • You're awesome to deal with!
    Richard P.