Welcome to Silvertip, your locally owned and operated plumbing, heating and water services company in Grande Prairie, AB.

At Silvertip, our goal is to provide quality technicians and expert advice on your plumbing and heating needs. From installing new pieces of equipment to handling common commercial and residential concerns, our professional team is here to fix your plumbing and heating issues and provide long-lasting solutions.

We also strive to enhance your overall wellbeing with the best in water treatment systems so you can enjoy the benefits of pure and healthy water. Silvertip is the exclusive Kinetico dealer for Grande Prairie and the Peace Region. Kinetico provides the cleanest, greenest and most efficient water systems and we’re proud to be your local vendor.

If you have a plumbing or heating issue, or if would like to see how a high-quality Kinetico water system can make a difference in your life, call for a consultation today.

We look forward to treating you!

Having Water Problems?

Rotten Egg Smell

Fishy Taste or Smell

Cloudy Water

Chlorine Taste or Smell

A variety of factors can affect how water tastes, smells and feels. To ensure you receive an option most suited to your needs, we test your water before recommending how to best treat it.

All Common Water Problems

How Will Clean Water Benefit Me?

Water Softeners

  • Saves on Hot Water Fuel Bills
  • Washing Machines Last Longer
  • Dishwashers Last Longer
  • Skin Feels Softer

Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Food and Drinks Taste Better
  • No Lugging Bottled Water
  • Removes Most Carpet Stains

Problem Water

  • Skin and Hair Feel Better
  • Kills Bacteria
  • No More Dirt and Sediment
  • Removes Gas From The Water


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Happy Customers

  • Our hot water tank kicked the bucket, and these guys were FANTASTIC!! Went way over and above, and did an awesome job. So very impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and the reasonable prices!!
    Theresa L
  • I have used Silvertip in my home and also at my business. These guys are at the top of their game. I have recommended them to family, friends and colleagues. I also purchased one of their reverse osmosis systems at my place of business. I have over 30 employees and... Read More
    Josh F
  • Tyler Garden from Silvertip Plumbing installed a Kinetico Home Water System in our home May 1, 2015. Our expectations of this system have been exceeded. I no longer have dry skin, no need for lotions, my laundry is whiter and brighter. Our dishwasher cleans better also. What a relief of... Read More
    Cindy B
  • Tyler came to my house to help me install the Reverse Osmosis System that came with my house. I didn't even buy it through you guys and you were still so helpful to me. Tyler got it installed in about 30 minutes and we chatted the whole time. Thanks.
    Ryan B
  • Silvertip Plumbing & Water Solutions has been amazing to deal with. I purchased a Kinetico city water system to soften the water and remove the chlorine. My personal favourite is how it feels to shave with soft water and no “soap scum” on the shower doors. Thanks Silvertip!
    Josh M
  • For the last week, we have been enjoying our new water system by Kinetico. Thanks goes to Tyler and the pros at Silvertip Water Solutions for giving us the best water we have ever had. For years, we have had soft water in our other homes. It has been something... Read More
    Tim W
  • Just wanted to give a quick shout out to the team at Silvertip Plumbing! We were having a few problems with hard water issues and decided that we had to do something about it. I am the type of guy that researches the heck out of everything before making a... Read More
    Clint and Christine M