Prompt and professional.

Rick P.

I was pleased with the service, workmanship and attitude of the service people.

Brian T.

Prompt and professional service supplied by good people.

Dean F.

Ren was great. He let us video him and explained how to replace the UV light and filters clearly to us so we could do it ourselves in the future. He will be our video star at least once a year - LOL! Thanks again!

Kathy M.

Kevin arrived on time, asked many questions to make sure everything was how I wanted it and left a clean site behind him.

Darcy M.

Had issues with my pressure pump. Called first thing in the morning and the service technician was at the rural property in less than 2 hours with a new pump.

Roy S.

Silvertip Plumbing is always prompt and honest with their service. I always recommend Silvertip Plumbing!

Silver-Tech Contracting

The people at Silvertip have a very pleasant and happy atmosphere about them. They kept the work site neat and tidy, and when completed, it was as clean as could be and everything was working. Well done!

Jake H.

Excellent install and great customer service.

Jesse J.

Twice I called in two weeks and Silvertip came immediately and fixed the problems. Appreciate it - thanks!

Chris R.

Awesome service and the techs are first class.

Darcy S.

Great service "allways"!

Happy Trails RV

We would definitely recommend Silvertip. They are efficient, friendly and very professional.

Tanice J.

Professional, efficient and honest.

Bernadine S.

Good, friendly service and they kept me informed throughout the entire appointment.

Carolyn N.

A total ten! Crystal was awesome; knowledge, workmanship, and interpersonal skills.

Murray H.

Very professional advice on water systems.

Robert P.

I appreciate how quickly Silvertip came to help us. The plumber was very polite and worked quickly. I would recommend Silvertip Plumbing to anyone.

Sharon L.

On time all the time!

Dan R.

Efficient and very nice to deal with. They got the job done in a timely manner. I would recommend this company anytime.

Joan M.

Friendly staff and very accommodating. Thanks again!

Nu Floors

Very prompt, courteous, efficient service. Great job!

Mary-Ellen C.

Quick service!

Josh M.

Crystal was very friendly and got the job done. She even taught my 4 year old about her job. I highly recommend her for any plumbing needs!

Shanly B.

Silvertip has always been good to us. Kevin is very pleasant to deal with.

Leonard W.

The plumber was very nice, easy to talk to and efficient! I have exactly what I needed - thanks Silvertip!

Justin K.

The staff are very friendly and accommodating and the service was great also!

June S.

Excellent service and fair pricing!

Kurtis R.

Knowledgeable sales rep and the installation of equipment was very neat and tidy.

Brian A.

I was very impressed with the service. When I phoned they had an appointment for me the very next morning (it was not an emergency, I had water just not hot water). The technician was very polite and explained everything that he had done and answered all of my questions I asked. I would recommend this company to anyone - family, friends and all others.

Terina D.

Excellent, friendly service in a timely manner!

Jordan S.

Arrived as scheduled and completed the work in a timely manner. The friendly technician answered the questions I had with no hesitation.

Hope B.

Service is quick, friendly and affordable!

Jay W.

I discovered a hot water line leaking between the walls in my home. After several frantic calls to get a plumber, I called Silvertip and they were able to send someone within an hour or so. Once they arrived, the problem was diagnosed and repaired within an hour and a half. Amazing work in a 'hard to get' spot! From now on, Silvertip will be my first and only call - THANK YOU SILVERTIP!

Donna T.

Very professional. Responded quickly and was very pleasant to work with.

Darcy S.

Amazing customer service! I was super impressed.

Katie G.

You guys are fantastic to deal with. Anytime we have had a problem you have been there to fix it. I have recommended you guys before and will continue to do so.

Ross H.

From appointment to installation, Silvertip is efficient, punctual, polite and friendly. We will definitely use them in the future.

Health Hut

10/10 service! Got me in the same day and had my water leak fixed.

Darren B.

Another great job done by Ben. I can always count on Silvertip Plumbing.

Katherine W.

They never have ever tried to mislead me on ANY of the work they have done for me. And if they make a mistake they stand behind their errors and make it right.

Brad L.

Always prompt, friendly and efficient service.

Judy G.

Fast service, polite and an explanation of the work done - very thorough. Excellent job!

Joe Q.

The service has always been fantastic, from the plumber to the staff at head office.

Leslie N.

Would recommend 10/10. I've used Kevin in the past and he is excellent.

Greg S.

Did a very nice job and our plumber was a very helpful guy!

Randy C.

Crystal was my plumber and she was very professional and kept me apprised of her work along the way. One of the better companies I have dealt with in a while.

Yvan B.Commercial Service

Our hot water tank kicked the bucket, and these guys were FANTASTIC!! Went way over and above, and did an awesome job. So very impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and the reasonable prices!!

Theresa L

I have used Silvertip in my home and also at my business. These guys are at the top of their game. I have recommended them to family, friends and colleagues. I also purchased one of their reverse osmosis systems at my place of business. I have over 30 employees and have cut my distilled water bills to zero and the system has already paid itself off in less than a year. Keep up they great work Silvertip.

Josh F

Tyler Garden from Silvertip Plumbing installed a Kinetico Home Water System in our home May 1, 2015.

Our expectations of this system have been exceeded. I no longer have dry skin, no need for lotions, my laundry is whiter and brighter. Our dishwasher cleans better also. What a relief of not buying bottled water any more, we drink right from the Reverse Osmosis tap.

Along with the water being great, just want to say Tyler is amazing also. Soft spoken, friendly, very knowledgeable and informs you of the history of the company. It’s nice to know that they are right here in Grande Prairie if you need supplies in the future.  He came back within a week and made sure that everything is working as promised.

Thanks for everything!

Cindy B

Tyler came to my house to help me install the Reverse Osmosis System that came with my house. I didn't even buy it through you guys and you were still so helpful to me. Tyler got it installed in about 30 minutes and we chatted the whole time. Thanks.

Ryan B

Silvertip Plumbing & Water Solutions has been amazing to deal with. I purchased a Kinetico city water system to soften the water and remove the chlorine. My personal favourite is how it feels to shave with soft water and no “soap scum” on the shower doors. Thanks Silvertip!

Josh M

For the last week, we have been enjoying our new water system by Kinetico. Thanks goes to Tyler and the pros at Silvertip Water Solutions for giving us the best water we have ever had. For years, we have had soft water in our other homes. It has been something we have wanted to install for sure in our new home as well. We thought we would try out a Kinetico System this time and have fallen in love with water all over again. We selected the whole home system after hearing how affordable it was to do a complete package. The soft water is amazing. I have a little mirror in the shower to help get my shaving lines just right and keep the mess out of the sink. It has been really cool to have it be clean and without water spots every time I go to shave. It is the little things that really help me appreciate the system.

The Reverse Osmosis water has been a dream to drink. There have been a few surprises we were not intending to have. One of which is that a glass of water that sits for a couple of hours stays crisp and clean tasting. In fact, we have a couple water containers in our bathroom for after we brush our teeth at night and for three days in a row, the water tasted perfect. Of course, it was gone by then but there is something to be said about having water that has nothing in it to settle out and alter the “freshly poured” taste.

I was also surprised by visiting a local favorite restaurant and getting the usual glass of water with a lemon and being amazed at the levels of chlorine that I had never even noticed before. This is an unreal difference for both the way we feel drinking the water, and the incredible quality of the whole home system.  If you’re like me, you just don’t know what you are missing until you have a high quality water system.

We are loving it!

Tim W

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to the team at Silvertip Plumbing!

We were having a few problems with hard water issues and decided that we had to do something about it. I am the type of guy that researches the heck out of everything before making a substantial investment. What I discovered was that everyone was raving about these so called Kinetico water softeners and how they were the best units hands down. After seeing this, I figured this is what we needed. Further investigating I found that Silvertip Plumbing in Grande Prairie, Alberta was the closest distributor. I gave them a call and the rest is history. They were amazing to deal with and answered all my questions regarding a Kinetico water softener system. Within a few short days, they were out to install our system.

The result was amazing, our clothing washed up nicer, our dishes no longer had that nasty white film with spots all over them. And having a shower felt like a whole new experience. Our skin was no longer dried out and flaky. A few cool features of the system was the fact that it did not need power to operate so when the power went out, you did not have to worry about reprograming your timer on your system to flush. Another feature was that it has two tanks so when one side was spent, it would switch to the other tank and flush so you were never without soft water. Just an amazing system! The Kinetico is a system that you set up, and other than adding salt to the system once in a while, you can forget about it and be confident knowing that it is doing its job.

We were so happy with the Kinetico water softener we purchased that after our existing reverse osmosis system at the time stopped working, we decided to purchase the Kinetico K5 RO system from Silvertip Plumbing. As usual they were out quickly and installed the system; couldn’t be happier. The water quality is outstanding! And just like all Kinetico products, trouble free.

Thanks, Silvertip Plumbing!

Clint and Christine M